Vaccine Polio

Dr. Habib Yar, Who is a (PPO) Provincial Polio Officer of Kabul province’s
Vaccine Ward, On Wednesday 2019/12/31, at 01:30 pm up to 03:30 pm he
Presented very useful and interesting information about Polio vaccine to
medical and health personnel of the Diwan Begi Clinic, which applies to two
types of polio, one by mouth (OPV) Oral Polio Vaccine, And the second one is
applied under the skin (IPV) Intra Dermal Polio Vaccine.
Polio, which is a wild, infectious, deadly and permanently debilitating disease
that infects children between the ages of five and fifteen, It has disappeared
from the rest of the world and unfortunately has only ever been seen in
Afghanistan and Pakistan. And the Nigerian country is likely to be announced
Free of Polio by the World Health Organization.
The information was presented to the Dewan Begi Clinic’s medical personnel.

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