Report of Diabetes Mellitus Public Awareness Training

On 21 and 22.09.2021 public awareness training was held in Clinic Dewanbegi to male and female diabetic patients. In this training various aspect of Diabetes Mellitus described to the attendance of the training.
In this training about 12 patient attended which 6 of them were female.
Main focus of this training was to aware these patient about:
-The Symptoms of DM
– That DM is not a disease which they feel shame of that
– The outcome / complication of DM
– How to prevent occurring of complication and if occurred what to do to prevent from developing to further stages
– Preventing foot ulcer
– Controlling their hypertension
– Proper use of their diabetic controlling drugs
– Visiting their specialist doctor for follow-up
– Diet of diabetic patient
– Sport
At the end the patients told that training was useful overall, and they were thankful of Clinic Dewanbegi for holding such training to the public for public awareness.

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