Public awareness Seminar on Taking Care of Mother and Child Health

Topic: Taking Care of Mother and Child Health

Seminar Venue: Dewanbegi Clinic

Seminar presenter: Fakhria Fakhrzad

Designation: Pharmacist

Date: 2022-11-29

Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) is a social marketing and behavioral change communication organization in Afghanistan focused on the health sector.

On 2022-11-29, an employee of this agency (Fakhria Fakhrzad) gave information to the female clients of Dewanbegi Clinic how to take care of their children and themselves.
The mothers were fully informed about the mentioned topic.
The following essential information was also shared:

• When, how and how much to use blood booster pills;

• Pros and cons of anti-pregnant tablets and injections were described;

• Pros and cons of Condom use, effectiveness, benefits and harms;

• Childcare from birth to 5 years;

• Essential instructions related to chlorine ​​solution;

• How to use zinc tablets and syrup during diarrhea;

• How long, how many times during 24 hrs. O.R.S solution can be used and can be prepared.

This seminar was given to 15 female clients in collaboration with Afghanistan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) and Dewanbegi Clinic.

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