Professor Dr. Toryalai Hakimi

Dr. Torialai Hakimi, son of Mohammad Ghous, who is mainly from Wardak province, Tangi-Dara  village, Sayed Abad district, graduated from Naderiya High School and received his MD degree from Kabul Medical University in 1383.

After graduating from the university, he started to work in the internal ward of the Jomhuriat Hospital.

After a while, he passed the competitive examination in 1385, and started working in the anesthesia and reanimation department of Kabul Medical University.

After two-and-a-half years, based on his interest, he shifted his career to department of pediatric surgery, located at Maiwand Hospital.

During this period, he traveled to Germany for a fellowship in the field of pediatric surgery in 2013 and then to America in the same fellowship in 2017.

Dr. Hakimi has specialization and sub-specialty certificates in the field of pediatric surgery and is currently working as an associate professor and trainer in the pediatric surgery department of Kabul Medical University.

He has about 25 published scientific works, most of which have been published in local and international journals.

Dr. Hakimi, besides his professional duties, is currently in charge of the surgery department of Dewanbegi Clinic.

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