Dr. Nasrin, Who works as a gynecologist at a governmental hospital in Dasht-e-Barchi Kabul, which is being funded by MSF organization. On Thursday,
2020/1/2, at 13:30 pm Up to 15:00 pm, She provided very useful information
about preeclampsia to medical and health personnel of the Diwan Begi Clinic
and explained the details of preeclampsia.
Which we briefly outlined a few points, and also she showed practically in the
pictures. That in this case the patient’s pressure goes up and finds urethra and
swelling of the feet, to be knowledgeable by the clinic’s medical personnel.
When medical personnel is confronted with such an illness case, so the patient
should be told to go to a health clinic, keep herself under the supervision of a
specialist doctor and the pressure should be checked regularly once a week,
And the patient should also visit a hospital for the birth.

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