Online training about Reproductive Health Antenatal Care Obstetrics

Presentation Topic: Reproductive Health Antenatal Care Obstetrics

Place of Presentation: Dewanbegi Clinic, (Online) through BigBlueButton software

Number of Participants: Seven persons (Dewanbegi Clinic staff)

Presented By: Dr.Helmut Jaeger

Date: 2022-11-20                                               Time: 2:30 Kabul Time

At the online training series of Dewanbegi Clinic on 2022-11-20 about Reproductive Health Antenatal Care Obstetrics, presented by Dr. Helmut Jeager, a training on the subject was held for the clinic’s female staff.

Participant were:

Dr. Freshta Zahiri, Gynecology & Obstetric Specialist 

Nazanin, Midwife at Gynecology & Obstetric Department

Zarifa Yasini, Midwife and in charge of emergency room

Ziba Wardak, Midwife and in charge of Vaccine

Samira Amarkhail, Malnutrition Department Nurse

Dr. Anisa Azimi, Dental Department MD

Fatima Azimi, Dental Department Stager

In this online seminar, the following topics were shared with the participants:

  • Introduction between Dr. Helmut Jeager and Dewanbegi Clinic female participants;
  • Which procedure should be performed on the pregnant woman before giving birth?
  • How to prepare a pregnant woman for a normal birth?
  • Care of the newborn after birth so that the nervous system develops properly;
  • What should we do for the baby in the first hours after birth?

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