Online Seminar for Patient Attraction & Follow Up

Subject: Patient Attraction & Follow Up                          Meeting No: 1

Venue: DewanbegiClinic                                                    Germany Time: From 11 am to 12:20 pm

Date: 09-01-2023                                                                Presenter: Dr Khpalwak Nangrahari


The first training online meeting related to the attraction of Dewanbegi Clinic patients between the doctors of different departments of Clinic and Dr. Khpalwak Nangarhari was held on January 9, 2023. The participants were: Dr. Yahya Wardak from Germany, Dr. Khpalwak Nangarhari from Turkey, and some doctors from Dewanbegi Clinic in Kabul, such as Dr. Ferishta Zahari, Dr. Dawood Jalali, Dr. Khawaja Mahfooz Siddiqi, and Dr. Nangialai Shahzada, who participated in the meeting. A number of important points were discussed in this meeting.


  • The children who are coming to the vaccine department for vaccination must be checked by a child doctor;
  • Chronic patients must be monitored.
  • Chronic patients should have special files;
  • It’s not practical to recall the patients in Afghanistan because the economic situation of the people is not good;
  • In other countries, the tradition and medical system is that whether or not the child is ill?He or she must be taken to the doctor for a medical checkup.
  • Doctors must educate the parents of the children referred to the medical centers;
  • Patients whose treatment is not possible at Dewanbegi Clinic should be referred to other hospitals.
  • The majority of patients in Afghanistan are afraid to undergo medical tests.


We must make the impossible things possible; what is not done or cannot be done in the other health centers must be done here. We have to create a special system for recalling patients. We should make the most of the available possibilities or limit them. This work should be started in the reception and general administration department. For this purpose, a special Excel sheet should be prepared. The files of heart disease and diabetes patients should be taken out and recorded in an Excel sheet and prepared for discussion in the coming week.

Next meeting

Dewanbegi Clinic’s next online meeting will be on January 17, 2023, in the same venue at 10 a.m. Germany time and 1:30 p.m. Kabul time.

Dr. Khpalwan Nangrahari brief bio

Dr. Khpalwak Nangrahari is the son of Gulab Nangrahari, a well-known Afghan writer and cultural figure who lives in the Goshto district of Nangrahar province. He did his primary education at Khushal Khan School, secondary and high school education at Habibya High School. After graduating from the Medicine Faculty of Nangrahar University, he completed his medical studies at Panjab University and in Sweden. He was a pediatrician, general internist, and orthopedic surgeon. He worked as the Chief Physician in an Afghan hospital for about 7 years before moving to Sweden to practice as a specialist doctor. He was a consultant with Dewanbegi Clinic and later retired. He currently lives in Turkey.

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