Online Seminar for Patient Attraction & Follow Up

Subject: Patient Attraction & Follow Up                       Meeting No: 2

Venue: DewanbegiClinic                                                 Germany Time: From 11 am to 12:20 pm

Date: 17-01-2023                                                             Presenter: Dr Khpalwak Nangrahari


The second training online meeting related to the attraction of Dewanbegi Clinic patients between the doctors of different departments of the Clinic and Dr. Khpalwak Nangarhari was held on January 17, 2023. The participants were Dr. Yahya Wardak from Germany, Dr. Khpalwak Nangarhari from Turkey, and some doctors from Dewanbegi Clinic in Kabul, such as Dr. Ferishta Zahari, Dr. Dawood Jalali, Dr. Khawaja Mahfooz Siddiqi, and Dr. Nangialai Shahzada, who participated in the meeting. A number of important points were discussed in this meeting.


  • Setting up a chart and registering the chronic patients;
  • Entering the serial number in the table of chronic patients;
  • Managing the meeting and organizing the discussion sections on the specific cases;
  • Dates should be assigned to all patients,
  • Preparation for discussion of chronic patient cases and their registration process;
  • Bringing cases of chronic patients to the next meeting and discussing specific cases;
  • Discussing cases increases the academic level of the doctors;
  • Diagnosis of patients, correct administration of medications, observation of patients’ symptoms, and so on. 


We must have a proper policy and system for our patient registry. When registering chronic patients, doctors should accurately record the date of the last visit and the date of the next visit from the patient’s file. All doctors are obliged to write their past and present chronic patients in the list and send them to Dr. Yahya Wardak and Dr. Khpalwak Nangrahari after writing them in the list. No doctor is allowed to leave from the beginning to the end of the training, and if someone leaves the meeting based on an important need, he or she must get permission.

Next meeting

Dewanbegi Clinic’s next online meeting will be on January 24, 2023, in the same venue at 10 a.m. Germany time and 1:30 p.m. Kabul time.

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