Meeting With Dewanbegi Village Elder

Date.                29-03-2022

Report to.       Head of Dewan Begi Clinic

The below issues were discussed.

The meeting began with the recitation of holly Quran, then discussed the previous meeting agenda.

Dr Fareshta Zahiri provided important information regarding Ob/Gyn section services in this clinic, ANC, PNC and family planning are regularly done. U/S services are also available.

Then overall information regarding clinic were provided to the meeting members.

Dr Gull Abad Tariq (medicine specialist) told them, the medical section is very active, medical problems like infected and non-infected medical problems are treatable services provision and documentation are in high quality.

Dr Naseeb Ahmad (Neuro Psychiatrist) told to the meeting members, you have to be very active based on your own responsibilities, in the previous month your responsibilities for clinic were not suitable, therefore we hope to play an active role between people and clinic. Increase public awareness about this clinic.

Hassebullah Salleh  on the behalf of Clinic administration told them, that there is discount in different sections like laboratory, prescriptions, Fees and other areas if needed. Existence of malnutrition services are in high quality.

One of the member of meeting told that they are happy from the services that provided here.

Meeting member’s suggestions.

  1. People must have access to all section of the clinic.
  2. If possible Night duty services must be existed.
  3. Quality health services.
  4. Public awareness banners and posters should be on both language(Pashto and Dari)
  5. Most of Dewan begi people are not aware from this clinic.
  6. Free camp( Free Health services once in a month)
  7. Availability of all vaccines.

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