Meeting with Dewanbegi Village Elder

Venue of the Meeting: Dewanbegi Clinic Training Hall

Repot to: Head of Dewanbegi OPD Clinic

Date conduction of Meeting: 3.11.2022

Prepared by: Dr.Naseeb Ahmad Masoud

The below mentioned agendas were discussed during meeting.

  1. Introduction the different sections of this clinic.
  2. Providing information about Health services which is delivering by this Heath Facilities
  3. Information regarding COVID-19 vaccine implementation.
  4. Importance of Follow up patients
  5. Importance of participation in Health shura Meetings
  6. Sharing peoples complains, ideas, suggestions through Health shura members,
  7. Brochure Distribution
  8. Responsibilities of the Health shura Members
  1. Different sections of this clinic were introduced to Members of the health shura, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Neuro Psychiatry, Ob/Gyn, Dental, Nursing, Surgeries , Vaccine and Malnutrition’s. By Eng Fahim.
  2. All the members were satisfied about the quality health services in all sections/
  3. Informed them about implementation of COVID-19 two type’s vaccines, which is available here in official time. Told them to inform people about vaccination program.
  4. Provided information about the follow up patients, to know the effectiveness of the treatment, to know the side effect and sensitivity with  the medications, to know whether the patient take the medications based on the schedule, it helps patient to avoid readmission and going to other health Dr.Naseeb Ahmad
  5. Health shura play as Bridge between clinic and community, so please participate in the monthly shura meetings regularly. We are looking forward for your feedback.
  6. In each meeting we expect you to share  peoples complains, suggestion, ideas and etc.
  7. Different department brochures were distribute to the participants.told them the importance and inclusion of health services delivery in the brochures.
  8. Their suggestions.
  9. Availability of duty staff during Friday.
  10. Availability 24 hours Health services.
  11. Provision of quality health services as it continues usually.
  • Their Responsibilities as a Member of this shura were shared with them.

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