Dr. Mirwais Ghairat

Dr. Mirwais Ghairat was born in 1976 and studied class one to five in Afghanistan. He travelled to Pakistan and studied class six by assistance of his brother at home and then he joined grade 7th in Shahid Maulvi Habib-ur- Rahman High School, Quetta city, Pakistan in 1989.

In 1993, he went to Peshawar city and completed Baccalaureate at Al-Taqwa High School. In 2003, He graduated from medical sciences department of Kabul University and in February 2004, he was hired by MSF (Doctors without Borders) or MSF organization in Quetta City, Pakistan and worked as Project Focal Point till June 2011.

 In June 2011, he worked in the department of internal medicine at the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and was assigned in the department of internal medicine at Jomhuriat Hospital.

He received his specialty certificate from the Ministry of Public Health in June 2014.

After that, he restarted working with MSF organization (Doctors without Borders) and assigned in the emergency room of Ahmed Shah Baba Hospital.

 In May 2015, he started working in Dasht-e- Barchi Hospital that was supported by MSF (Doctors without Doctors).

In the same year, he was also busy in two different medical center responsible for general internal medicine section of Diwanbigi Clinic and worked as a head physician in internal medicine section at Muslim Hospital.

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