Dr. M. Yahya Wardak

 Muhammad Yahya Wardak, son of Zergul Wardak, was born in 1968. He studied primary education in Spin Village, secondary education in military school and completed his higher education in the field of medical medicine in Czechoslovakia (1985-1992).
After studying the German language in Germany, he studied health system, public health and tropical medicine in developing countries at Heidelberg University. He has done other studies in the field of health management.
From 2000 to 2002, he was an employee at the Institute of Medical Medicine of the University of Hamburg and also has worked with Invent (currently GIZ) in Bonn for medical education and non-attendance (E –Learning, in inventing and implementing learning four years (2003-2006). He has done a number of works with Afghans and Germans for the official organization of Afghanik (Afghanistan Information Center).
He has been a consultant for Afghanistan programs with DED, GIZ, Deutsche Welle Radio and some other German institutions from 2007 to 2010,
He moved to Nangarhar in 2009 and has been an advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education from 2010 to 2021. While he was the adviser, he published 342 textbooks: (246 medical and 96 books in pharmacy, psychology, veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, economics, journalism, education and science) and delivered them to universities all over Afghanistan.
 He has built Dewanbegi Clinic in Kabul. He has been holding a seminar called Afghanistan Week in Hamburg every year since 1994.

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