Dr. Helmut Jäger

Dr. Med. Helmut Jäger is specialist in Women’s health and Obstetrics at the Heidekreisklinikum Walsrode. He also works as a systemic medical coach and Qigong and Tai-Chi teacher. He has many years of experience in health program management, Stress management, Self-confidence Strengthening, Coping with illness Conflict management, teaching and research.As well as he has many publication.

Mr Dr. Med. Helmut Jäger is working as volunteer for pro familia Lower Saxony eV (board), SIMBAV eV (Advisory Board) and Solawi Hof Grafel Rotenberg. Also he has cooperation with UKE in Hamburg, Senior Expert Service in Bonn, VHS in Rotenberg, AEWB in Lower Saxony, and WiDi office in Hamburg.

He has membership of many organizations such as AFI, DDQT, IPPNW, K!R, MEZIS, per family ,SIMBAV ,SoLaWi.

For further information:
Mobil: 0151 – 141 254 59
Mail: jaeger@gesundes-reisen.de


Web: https://www.medizinisches-coaching.net/coach_arzt_bewegungslehrer/eckdaten.html

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