Dr. Abdul Waris Safi

Dr. Abdul Waris Safi son of Haji Khair Mohammad was born 1997 in the village of Rangrezano, Rodatu District, Nangarhar Province. He graduated from Hazrat Siddique Akbar High School in 1995.

Later, he studied medical sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of Nangarhar University and received his MD degree in 2004.

In 1390, he returned to Afghanistan and was appointed as the head of the comprehensive health center (CHC) in Kamdesh district .Nuristan province.

Later, he got a job as a doctor in Gereshk District Hospital (DH) in Helmand. After that, he was in charge of the emergency room at Al-Hayat Hospital in Kabul and is currently working as a manager at Diwanbegi Clinic and is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

It should be noted that Dr. Abdul Waris has enough experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children and skin diseases beside, he works in the internal medicine department.

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