Training consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in health care services and the health status of targeted patient groups.

Report about Intravenous cannula and techniques Training for Staff

On 2022/05/10 Dr M Daoud Jalali pediatric specialist Presented Information about Intravenous cannula and techniques to the Medical Staff of Clinic Dewanbegi. The important content of this Presentation Were as following: 1.    Definition of intravenous cannula 2.    Aims of intravenous cannulation 3.    Types of Intravenous cannula 4.    Technique 5.    Complications 6.    before the procedure 7.    …

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Self-Care Training

Place of Presentation. Dewan Begi OPD clinic Number of Participants.  Twelve (Dewan begi clinic staff) 6 male and 6 female staff. Presented By. Dr.Naseeb Ahmad Report to. Director of Dewan Begi Clinic Date.23-05-2022 1-The below issues were shared to the participants. What is stress?   Recognize stressors and different form of stress. What are the sign …

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Why Dewanbegi Clinic?

Dewanbegi Clinic, officially registered and licensed by the Ministry of Public Health, has been offering high quality, affordable healthcare services to the people since 2017 as a well-equipped health facility. At this clinic, a system is available for the registration and medical record of the patients. Some German and Afghan doctors living in Europe continuously …

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