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Public health begins with public awareness. For disease prevention, improved population health, and all of the other goals of public health

Topic: Taking Care of Mother and Child Health Seminar Venue: Dewanbegi Clinic Seminar presenter: Fakhria Fakhrzad Designation: Pharmacist Date: 2022-11-29 Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) is a social marketing and behavioral change communication organization in Afghanistan focused on the health sector. On 2022-11-29, an employee of this agency (Fakhria Fakhrzad) gave information to the female …

Public awareness Seminar on Taking Care of Mother and Child Health نور یی ولوله »

My name is shamsurahman faqiri trainee in emeregency room, I gave a seminar in this date (3-8-2022) at dewanbegi OPD clinic for my dear countrymen about cholera.  So I report to you there were about ten (10) particepants in this seminar. In this seminar, we first introduced cholera to them.  Later they were given detailed …

Prevention of diarrhea during emergencies نور یی ولوله »

Place of Presentation Dewan Begi OPD clinic Number of Participants.  10 Presented By: Dr khwaja Mahfooz Sediqi  Internal infectious diseases Specialist Report to: Director of Dewan Begi Clinic Date: 29-9-2022 The below issues were shared to the staff Asthma definition Pathophysiology Sign and symptom Diagnosis DDX Complications Treatment Prevention At the presentation was evaluated by …

Report about bronchial asthma نور یی ولوله »

The following publications have been published by Dewanbegi Clinic about public awareness. Public Awareness catalog can be downloaded in PDF format from the link below!

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