Improving the nutritional status of mothers and reducing the risk of their low birth weight babies at birth. The nutritional status of a mother and its effect on breast milk How to feed a low weight newborn baby Why does a baby not get enough of breast milk during an illness? If the baby is …

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You can download the Internal Medicine Treatment Protocol in PDF format from the link below.

Treatment of Micronutrients Deficiency Treatment of Micronutrient Deficiency Diseases 1- Anemia due to iron deficiency 2- Diseases caused by vitamin E deficiency 3-Diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency 4- Diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency You can download the Treatment of Micronutrients Deficiency in PDF format from the following link.

You can download Eye Care First Aid Guideline in PDF format from the link below.

You can download the hygiene guideline in PDF format from the link below.

First aid can be downloaded in PDF format from the link below.

Mental social problems and mental illness are very common in Afghan society. More than 50% of people may suffer from a mental illness. Psychological problems create a high level of disability and poverty on Afghan society. While in the absence of specialist psychiatrists it is difficult to provide specialized services to the people. While there …

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Treatment of a fracture usually involves surgical treatment as well as non-surgical treatment that includes protective treatments such as pain relief, immobilization and other non-surgical procedures. Fractures can be diagnosed in the course of primary or secondary surveys. Before fracture treatment , it is necessary to take action against of respiratory, heart attack, bleeding and …

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Integrated Management of Neonatal & Childhood Illness (IMNCI) can be downloaded in PDF format from the link below.

This list was last updated on 2022-03-01  The contact list of specialist doctors, clinics and hospitals can be downloaded in PDF format from the link below.

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