Report on Implementation of Corona Vaccine in Dewanbegi Clinic

The Corona vaccine implementation series, which began on August 24, 2022, is being conducted at the Dewanbegi Clinic from Saturday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., in accordance with the agreement with the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health and Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) administration. This series is being carried out by WHO …

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Vaccine Price list

Free and cheap vaccination service. You can download vaccine price list in 1 page PDF.

How to take history and do physical examination

Place of presentation : CD # Of participants: 12 Presented by: Dr.Esmatullah Ase Reported to: Director of the clinic Date: 15 and 16 January-2022 The purpose of the lecture was to learn how to take professional history and doing complete physical examination, All the participants involved in the lectures.

IP (Infection Prevention )

Presented by: Dr. Esmatuual Asem Number of participants: 16 Place of lecture: CD I have given a presentation to the medical staff of Dewanbegi clinic, I have discussed the following topics in detail on 01/02/2022, after morning report: IP( Infection Prevention Given soft and hard of the standard to admin and head of the department …

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Vaccine Polio

Dr. Habib Yar, Who is a (PPO) Provincial Polio Officer of Kabul province’sVaccine Ward, On Wednesday 2019/12/31, at 01:30 pm up to 03:30 pm hePresented very useful and interesting information about Polio vaccine tomedical and health personnel of the Diwan Begi Clinic, which applies to twotypes of polio, one by mouth (OPV) Oral Polio Vaccine, …

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