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Biography of Ahmadullah Khaliqi, Head of the Laboratory in Dewanbegi Clinic

Ahmadullah Khaliqi, son of Khan Aqa, a native resident of Guldano village in the Band-e-Chak district of Wardak province, graduated from Anbukhak High School and received his laboratory certificate from Ghazanfar Institute of Health Sciences in 2014. He completed his internship at Maiwand Hospital, Indira Gandhi (Child Health) Hospital, and Jomhuriat Hospital in 2015. He …

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Biography of Lab technician  Mohammad Yunus Jalali

Mohammad Yunus, son of Ghulam Hazrat, resident of Anbukhak of Lwar Village, Band-e-Chak District, Maidan Wardak Province. He graduated from Anbokhak high school in 2016 and received his bachelor’s from the Al jami Complex Institute of Health Sciences. He completed his internship at Khair Al-Shifa Hospital in New Al-Hayat Medical Laboratory and Dewanbegi Clinic. He …

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How to take history and do physical examination

Place of presentation : CD # Of participants: 12 Presented by: Dr.Esmatullah Ase Reported to: Director of the clinic Date: 15 and 16 January-2022 The purpose of the lecture was to learn how to take professional history and doing complete physical examination, All the participants involved in the lectures.

IP (Infection Prevention )

Presented by: Dr. Esmatuual Asem Number of participants: 16 Place of lecture: CD I have given a presentation to the medical staff of Dewanbegi clinic, I have discussed the following topics in detail on 01/02/2022, after morning report: IP( Infection Prevention Given soft and hard of the standard to admin and head of the department …

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CBC (Complete Blood Count)

Place of Presentation. Dewan Begi OPD clininc Number of Participants.  20 Presented By. Ahmadullah Khaliqi  Lab Technologist Report to. Director of Dewan Begi Clinic Date: 28-12-2021 The below issues were shared to the staff. How to diagnose Anemia in CBC test? How to diagnose Leukocytosis in CBC test? What is Polycythemia? Important laboratory feature of …

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