Dental Care

Dental Care

Dewanbegi Clinic needs a female MD doctor in Dental Department, with minimum 3 year working experiences form 8 am to 4 pm 6days in week. Eligible persons can submit educational documents and CV to the Dewanbegi Clinic administration form 08:00 am to 04:00 pm or send it through email: Email Accounts: Contact No: […]

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Dewanbegi Clinic has prepared facilitation of practical working for a female interns in dental department from 8 am to 4 pm, lunch and uniform are also provided by the clinic. Eligible candidates can submit their complete educational documents and CV to the Dewanbegi Clinic administration from 8 am to 4 pm or send them to

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Fatima Azimi daughter of Noor Afghan, is from Muhammad Azim Khil village, Sayed Abad district, Wardak province, and now lives in Company fifth district. She is graduated from Qala Kashif High School in 2016 and is currently studying in the Department of Stomatology at Shifa University. She has been working as an intern in Dewanbegi

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Freshta Sultani, daughter of Abdul Jalil, a resident of Sadukhel village, Daimirdad district, Wardak province, graduated from Sufi Ishqari High School in 1397 and graduated from the dental department of Jame Complex Institute of Health Sciences in 1400. She has been working as a dentist’s assistant at Dewanbegi Clinic since 14/04/2022. The nurse provides the

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Dr. Anisa Azimi, daughter of Noor Afghan, is residence of Mohammad Azim Khil village, Onkhi Dara, Saidabad district, Wardak province. She graduated from Qala-e-Kashif High School in 2012 and joined to Kabul Medical University in 2013. She received his MD degree in Stomatology in 2019. – From 2019 up to 2020 she worked as a

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Place of presentation : CD # Of participants: 12 Presented by: Dr.Esmatullah Ase Reported to: Director of the clinic Date: 15 and 16 January-2022 The purpose of the lecture was to learn how to take professional history and doing complete physical examination, All the participants involved in the lectures.

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Presented by: Dr. Esmatuual Asem Number of participants: 16 Place of lecture: CD I have given a presentation to the medical staff of Dewanbegi clinic, I have discussed the following topics in detail on 01/02/2022, after morning report: IP( Infection Prevention Given soft and hard of the standard to admin and head of the department

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Dr. Maroof Seerat, is a well-known and skilled dentist in Kabul. Provided very usefuland attractive information on oral hygiene on Wednesday at 01:00 pm up to 03:00 pm,it includes all hygiene care guidance and useful ways for the health of hygiene andmaintaining themselves healthy, which is very necessary for all the personnel.After training, he visited

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