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Leadership Of Clinic Dewanbegi

Venue of the Meeting: Dewanbegi Clinic Training Hall Repot to: Head of Dewanbegi OPD Clinic Date conduction of Meeting: 3.11.2022 Prepared by: Dr.Naseeb Ahmad Masoud The below mentioned agendas were discussed during meeting.

Date.                29-03-2022 Report to.       Head of Dewan Begi Clinic The below issues were discussed. The meeting began with the recitation of holly Quran, then discussed the previous meeting agenda. Dr Fareshta Zahiri provided important information regarding Ob/Gyn section services in this clinic, ANC, PNC and family planning are regularly done. U/S services are also available. …

Meeting With Dewanbegi Village Elder نور یی ولوله »

Date conduction the Meeting.01-03-2022 Venue of the Meeting.Dewn Begi Clinic Report To. Head of the clinic Report prepared by.Dr.Nseeb Ahmad The meeting started by the recitation of Holly Quran, then introduce all the participants by themselves, the meeting started based on already prepared agendas. Introduction of the new sections. Provided information regarding health services that …

Meeting with Elder of Dewanbegi village نور یی ولوله »

In addition to providing basic health services as well as diagnosis and treatment of advanced chronic diseases, Dewanbegi Clinic also provides necessary consultations to the patients for their awareness. These consultations are required for knowing the type of diseases, preventative measures and the treatment of chronic diseases. Departments: General internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetric-gynecological care, ultrasound, …

About Dewanbegi Clinic نور یی ولوله »

January 25, 2016 Kabul, Afghanistan The inauguration program started with reciting the Holy Quran by Qari Fazel Rahim. Then, Eng. Ahmad Omid, on behalf of Dr. Yahya Wardak, talked. He congratulated the people of Dewanbegi area on inaugurating the clinic and pointed out to services and tireless efforts of Dr. Yahya Wardak and Afghanic Organization. …

Dewanbegi Clinic Inauguration Report نور یی ولوله »

Dewanbegi Clinic, officially registered and licensed by the Ministry of Public Health, has been offering high quality, affordable healthcare services to the people since 2017 as a well-equipped health facility. At this clinic, a system is available for the registration and medical record of the patients. Some German and Afghan doctors living in Europe continuously …

Why Dewanbegi Clinic? نور یی ولوله »

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