BLS (Basic life support)


Dear Sir

I have given a presentation on BLS (Basic life support) to medical staff of Dewanbegi clinic for two days on 21/12/2021 at (1:30to 3; 30 pm) and on 22/12/2021at (9:00-10;30 am) and held the practical working on third day on 23/12/2021 at (9:00-10:45 am). As this topic of BLS is very important and needs to be learn by medical and non-medical staff so I will continue this program to extend it to nonmedical staff as well. The data is updated from AHA (American heart association) quid line 2020.

As the above topic was very important for our staff especially for our ER staff to take care of such patients that they may be facing with them in ER .Sso I preferred to present this topic to our colleagues.

Thanks to clinical administration for giving a chance to present that. 

With regards

Dr.Syed Rasul Omerkhyl

Internal medicine specialist

Dewanbegi Clinic

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