Biography of midwife Zarifa Yasini

Midwife Zarifa Yasini, daughter of Mohammad Nasim Yasini, was born in 1997 in a pious and literate family in Khwaja Musafar Wali village of Paghman district of Kabul province.

She completed her primary education at Qashang High School in Paghman district, and completed her secondary and high school education in 2012 at Qambar square, Wahdat girls High School in the center of Kabul.

She started a two-year program in midwifery at the Razi Institute of Health Sciences and successfully completed in 2014. She has also done practical work. After many difficulties, she started her bachelor’s degree at the institute in 2017 and graduated from the same university with a degree in the first category in the first year and received her bachelor’s degree.

The main source of her passion and talent in the field of medicine is the encouragement of her family. Ms. Yasini was a young girl with a passion for the country and has always strived for the development of the country, the well-being of the people, good health and lasting peace. It is with this pride that she now has a place in the hearts of the people as a lawyer doctor and active daughter, sister and wife of the community. In medical, cultural, social and legal forums, the idea is to provide sacred medical services to the nation and especially to the younger generation. From this point of view medicine is a real service and it seeks to create a medical cradle for the next generation.

During her university days, Ms. Yasini has served the public in a number of public and private hospitals, including various hospitals and institutions across the country. Living Therapeutic Hospital, Dar u salaam Medical Hospital, Madawa Medical Hospital, Dewanbegi Clinic, Special Programs with Promote institution, Tuberculosis Seminars with USIAD, Implant Programs with USIAD, Sina prees Seminars and more. Has work experience and background.

In addition to respecting the Islamic system and national interests, Ms. Yasini has a strong will, strong faith, open-mindedness, sincerity, Afghanism and sincerity.

Work time: Saturday to Thursday, 8 am to 6 pm.

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