Dr. Mohammad Asif Najib

Dr. Mohammad Asif Najib, son of Alhaj Nawroz Khan, was born in the village of Salar in Wardak province’s Syedabad district in 1977.

He received his medical degree from Nangarhar Medical University in 2004 and has worked with SCA for ten years in various professional and administrative capacities.

After attending a specialty program at Maiwand Teaching Hospital associated with Kabul University and graduating in 2017, he worked as a pediatric internal dieses specialist and pediatric doctor in Wardak province’s provincial hospital. Also after time he serve in Clinic Dewnabegi pediatric department.

Dewanbegi Clinic is a well-equipped health center proficient employs in  general internal, pediatric internal, obstetrics, family guide, ultrasound, dental department, orthopedic, psychiatric, neurological, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, vaccination department, malnutrition, and circumcision, and is now in the service of critically ill patients.

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