Biography of Abdul Rashid Farahmand

Dr. Abdul Rashid Farahmand son of Ghulam Sakhi Sadaqat was born in the 1996  in intellectuals and knowledgeable family in the village of Wagir/Tamzan, Gizab District, Uruzgan Province.

He completed his elementary and high school education in the 2014 in Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan High School in 2016. He enrolled at the Department of Medicine, Khatam-un-Nabiyeen University. Due to the enthusiasm and motivation that he had from the beginning of the university, started work in the following hospitals:

  • He started his first work at Atiqullah Amarkhail Hospital as an internship, after which he passed away from the date of 11/04/2018 up to 19/01/2019, officially as a nurse in the field of surgery and from the date of 20/01/2019. He was appointed as the head of the Nursing Department at the hospital.
  • Start his second experience in Hikmat Islamic Hospital from the date of 2020/7/21 to 2021/1/15 as the head of the Department of Nursing mentioned in the hospital.
  • He work his third work period in the Anbia Sarapa Clinic from the date 15/01/2021 up to 25/06/2021 as the General Director of the Clinic.

In addition to performing duties in the health and education sectors; He was very interested in preparing books for his colleagues and the next generation. he published his first book entitled “Preparation for the Specialty Exam” in collaboration with the top students of Khatam ul Nabeen University in the early 2021 and the second book under The name “Preparation for Chastity Specialty” was prepared in collaboration with the students of Kateb University, which was not published due to the recent changes in the country.

Dewanbeigi Clinic informs all dear compatriots that Dr. Abdolrashid Farahmand performs all minor surgery and circumcision procedures with the most modern machines of the day, without bleeding and stitching in this clinic with the advice of a pediatrician.

Work time: Saturday to Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm.

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