Assistant of the dentist; Freshta Sultani

Freshta Sultani, daughter of Abdul Jalil, a resident of Sadukhel village, Daimirdad district, Wardak province, graduated from Sufi Ishqari High School in 1397 and graduated from the dental department of Jame Complex Institute of Health Sciences in 1400. She has been working as a dentist’s assistant at Dewanbegi Clinic since 14/04/2022.

The nurse provides the following services:
·         Checking the patient's vital signs with the dentist;
·         Giving necessary advice to the patients such as keeping teeth healthy and giving advice about dental hygiene;
·         Preparing patients for each procedure;
·         Writing the complete health record of the patient in the electronic medical system;
·         Organize and arrange equipment for distribution.
Working hours: Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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