Approach to Shock

Dr. Mirwais Ghairat, who works as an Internal Disease Specialist at the Muslim
Hospital and also he is the Medical Director of the Muslim Hospital. On
Thursday, 2020/1/2, at 1:30 pm Up to 3:00 pm, he provided very useful
information about the shock (anesthesia), to the personnel of the Diwan Begi
Clinic, He Said that anesthesia is an important discussion which is a life-saving
and primary aid for such patients, The health personnel should be familiar with
it. And also practically he showed and explained ways to treat the patient with
When medical personnel confronted with an unconscious patient, they have to,
first, give him shock or anesthesia and immediately delivered to the health
center. He informed the clinic’s health personnel, as well as various types of
anesthesia described below and provided information about all the shocks.
Hypovolemic Shock
Anaphylactic Shock
Cardiogenic Shock
Septic Shock
Neurogenic Shock

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