Acute Bronchiolitis

Place of Presentation Dewan Begi OPD clinic

Number of Participants.  15

Presented By: Dr Mohammad Asef (Najeeb)

 Internal Pediatrics Specialist

Report to: Director of Dewan Begi Clinic

Date: 10-02-2022

The below issues were shared to the staff

  • INTRODUCTION of the bronchiolitis
  • ETIOLOGYof the bronchiolitis
  • PATHOPHYSIOLOGY of the bronchiolitis
  • Anatomy of the Acinus
  • RISK FACTORS of the bronchiolitis
  • CLINICAL FEATURES of the bronchiolitis
  • Classification of bronchiolitis
  • INVISTIGATIONS of bronchiolitis
  • DIAGNOSIS of bronchiolitis
  • DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS of bronchiolitis
  • Complications of bronchiolitis
  • ADMISSION CRITERIA of bronchiolitis
  • TREATMENT of bronchiolitis
  • Discharge Criteria of bronchiolitis
  • Prophylaxis of bronchiolitis
  • Outcome of bronchiolitis

At the presentation was evaluated by all the participant. Positive and negative points of the training shared with presenter.

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